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Brand Protection



Digitalization has fundamentally changed how we do business. Today it is impossible to imagine any business not having its own website, search engine, social media, email, messaging app or mobile. However, where there are consumers, cybercriminals and bad actors will always follow.

Key Services

  • Monitoring Of Brand References on search engines and social networks
  • Domain Blocking & Take-Down
  • Pharming Prevention
  • Take-Down Of Fake Social Media Accounts
  • Blocking & Take-Down Of Impersonating Domains
  • Impersonating Attacks Prevention
  • Take-Down Of Fake Social Media Accounts

Brand Protection Benefits

  • Improve ROI and prevent losses
  • Optimize marketing investments
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Make your brand image healthier and prevent reputation damage

Nowadays brand protection is crucial for every business, company or agency. When you hire HackControl, you get quality services that include continuous 24/7 monitoring and customer support, immediate threat detection and elimination.

It is a proven fact that security beaches reduce customer trust and may cost your brand years of hard work and millions of dollars worth of investment. Just a single phishing attack can damage the reputation of your entire brand and repeated ones can literally destroy it. 90% of security breaches involve phishing and social engineering techniques.

The worst part is that your customer will most often associate such attacks and breaches with your company and not with the cybercriminals behind them.

In 2013 companies Lost More Than $350 Billion Due To Online Phishing Sites, brand infringements, impersonating content, etc. In 2018, 47% of brands lost sales revenue due to counterfeit goods, with 1 in 3 reporting a loss of more than 10% of their revenue.

We Eliminate The Fakes, Including Take-Down Requests To Resource Administrators Removal Of Information Via Moderator Accounts Website Blockage Conducting Investigations N.B.: We Worked Hard To Establish Good Business Relations With Domain Registrars, ISPs, Payment Providers And Other Interested Parties, Which Have Their Reputations To Protect, To Stop Online Impersonation And Phishing.

Today business is losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year due to online impersonating and phishing. Some statistics say impersonating websites generate more than 53 billion visits per year.

81% of consumers research online before making big purchases and most consumers say they find brand websites through search engines, social media, and mobile or online ads, rather than by typing the URL directly into their browser address bars.

In the recent report on GDPR, Deloitte touched base with consumers on trust issues. It noted that 25% of their respondents said their level of trust would decrease if the company was involved in a data breach. In comparison, 35% of the respondents said their decision to continue doing business with a company depends on their level of credence in that company.

Today the main challenges for Brand Protection are coming from areas of the dark web, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR).

Continuous (24/7) brand name Monitoring And Protection From Impersonating Attacks and abuses in the near real-time mode

A report showing identified and resolved issues including results of our search on agreed sources and actions taken to eliminate violations. The report can be customized and detailed upon the customer’s request.

With us, you can be certain that your business is safe against impersonation, pharming and phishing at any time and that all fake accounts or websites that impersonate your business and taken down as soon as possible.

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