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Company Security Audit

Secure Development and SDLC

Secure Development and SDLC

A Company Security Audit is a set of tools and procedures to check whether architecture and IT systems are resistant to malicious software, black hat hackers, DoS / DDoS attacks. And to ensure your employees are aware of how to avoid and deal with phishing attacks and social engineering techniques.


3) Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

Automatic security testing. 
Manual testing according to PTES, OWASP Methodology.

4) DoS / DDoS Load Testing

High load testing of your code
Infrastructure Testing for service denial

5) Phishing Simulation & Social Engineering

Prevention of phishing emails, SMS, social media attacks, etc.
Social engineering technique for security awareness

1) Malware Protection And IT Security

Plan and integrate malware protection measures into IT architecture. Develop preventive measures against breaches of IT security.

2) Network Vulnerability / Security Assessment

Review IT security documentation Conduct.
IT and security audit.

Key Objectives

  • Implement control measures of information security
  • Protect the organization against security breaches and data leaks
  • Ensure the information is secure and protected from cybercriminals
  • Prevent exploitation of technical vulnerabilities and logic errors in IT systems
  • Prevent exploitation of security vulnerabilities in IT systems

The purpose of auditing companies and businesses is to analyze the company’s IT infrastructure, its website and servers to identify and eliminate all the weak points in the company’s cyber structure. Additionally, our audits include social engineering experiments via simulations of phishing attacks to evaluate your employees’ response to phishing attempts. After our audit, you will be aware of the state of your company’s cybersecurity and ways hackers might exploit vulnerabilities in your security.

Ensure the information and information processing tools are secure and protected from cybercriminals and black hat hackers according to the best practice experience.

●  Network Security Assessment

●  Web security assessment 

●  Dos DDoS testing

●  Load and performance testing 

●  Web security assessment

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