Training - as a source of information about your property

What to do if you don't like the shadow internet, but want to have access to foreign virtual stores? The site contains the most popular resources that provide open access to almost all users who know how to correctly fill out the registration form.

Trust but double check

Foreign resources of free advertisements is useful not only for those who want to take advantage of the exotic conditions of online shopping. It also works for those who live abroad, where information support of any kind is very important: from “taking care about cat / not expensive” and up to “renting an apartment to clean-living people”.

On the other hand, visiting such sites can be dangerous if someone is asked to collect compromising evidence or just information. Since this allows us to draw a conclusion about the real property of a person. Most often, the data cannot serve as evidence in court, but no one will prevent fraudsters or cybercriminals from using them. They certainly will not think about your taxes, real registrations. The final destination is enough to receive the cargo.

Therefore, sometimes users striving for high quality at a cheap price endanger themselves twice:

  1. There is a possibility of fraud by the online store (even if it is unintentional).
  2. They become targets for intruders.

Also, the user can be determined, provided that he makes unique purchases: special tours, exclusive products, souvenirs. In fact, it is even difficult to foresee what hackers can do, if they master this and some other additional information about a particular person.

Want to know more? Complete the training using open sources of information. The site offers several options for portals dealing with this issue.


This resource is focused on collecting information using free programs, websites, mobile applications, etc. The main goal is to help people find resources that make it possible to get information for free.

Initially, the materials were collected focusing on information security. However, many resources from other directions were added later. Please email us if you think we have forgotten something.

The OSINT Framework project is taken as a basis.

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