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We help businesses control the cyber resilience of their IT resources against malicious actor attacks.

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About HackControl cybersecurity services

HackControl cybersecurity service provider was founded by the merging of cybersecurity company ProtectMaster (UA), that provided their security engineers and deep cybersecurity expertise, with cybersecurity conference HackIT (UA), that brought their connections to cyber-security vendors, technology start-ups, the blockchain industry, opinion leaders in the area of cybersecurity, and security researchers from all over the world.

Our experts’ cybersecurity services will help you prevent external & internal threats and protect your sensitive information, including business and personal data, from unauthorized access. We will also help you identify any potential security risks that exist within your information technology system.

HackControl cybersecurity company develops cybersecurity products and integrates them into the client-side. We’ve got our cybersecurity investigators and incident response team ready to work on any security breaches and minimize threats, secure your assets, and uncover the perpetrators and their intentions. HackControl has its own R&D offices in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Our primary focus is on delivering cybersecurity services, including penetration tests, security audits, blockchain audits, and brand and anti-phishing protection to our clients.

HackControl case studies explained

If you don’t have a lot of experience with cybersecurity, it can quickly get confusing and complicated: how do you find a cybersecurity company, choose which services you need and be sure of your decision? One of the best ways to choose a great team of professionals for your business’s cybersecurity needs is to look at the company’s previous work! What cases have they handled? What were their operational procedures for each case? How did they achieve the necessary result? Here at HackControl we know how difficult it is to choose a cybersecurity company, which is why we’ve prepared several case studies for you to peruse. On this page, find several real case studies that our team has dealt with. We’ll provide a detailed description of our clients’ issues and the steps we took to mitigate the problem.

Why are cybersecurity case studies important?

In addition to giving you a better understanding of how we operate, case studies have another important role – they allow you to get an idea of what type of problems we deal with for our clients and what needs to be done if you have a similar issue. Keep in mind that every case is different, so the solution to your problem might not be the same as what we did in a particular case study, so you should always consult with us to determine the exact steps needed to solve your cybersecurity problem. Some of the case studies presented touch of the subjects of phishing testing, penetration testing, information leakage prevention and more.

Certified cybersecurity professionals

Our internal team includes 10 high-skilled cybersecurity engineers and external – hundreds of researchers of our HackIT community. Our security engineers are certified by eWPT, eCPPT, HIPAA, CCNA, Zero Security A, Zero Security B, OSCP, CEH v.9, ISO 27001 LA. They have deep experience with web application pentests, iOS and Android application security assessments, ICO security testing, etc. We are following the world-known best information security practices and methodologies OWASP TOP 10, OCTAVE, STRIDE, P.A.S.T.A. to anticipate threats and implement effective strategies to protect your business.

What We Do to Protect Our Customers

We pay significant attention to the security of our clients’ web and mobile applications, providing penetration testing services, and making sure our clients are aware of all the existing vulnerabilities and flaws in their applications. If any vulnerabilities are found, we ensure that our clients are well prepared to fix them with our expert support and consultation. We have Android and iOS systems expertise to ensure your mobile applications are also protected against malicious intruders.

Sensitive data is not only processed by your web application, iOS, and Android devices but is also stored on the premises, including your local servers, PCs, and other devices connected to your internal network. Therefore, your internal and external network can prove another target for hackers to compromise your system and gain unauthorized access to critical data.

With blockchain evolving rapidly and being adopted by many organizations worldwide, smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) have become another target for hackers to compromise and steal funds. We offer comprehensive expertise to audit smart contracts on solidity for Ethereum networks, as well as for EOS and TRON.

In our mission to ensure that malicious hackers cannot access your sensitive data, we implement security practices at the earliest stages of software development and introduce a secure software development methodology (SDLC).

To protect our customers from phishing attacks, we have developed our in-house expertise to test our customers’ employees’ security awareness. We also perform anti-phishing actions to take-down malicious phishing accounts on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and messaging applications like Telegram and WhatsApp. We can help you test how your employees would behave when receiving phishing emails with our email phishing attack simulations. That is what we call social engineering penetration testing. We use the results to teach your employees the correct actions to take when they are phished and help you implement the necessary security policies.

With all that said, we are committed to the ethical hacking approach, to make the digital world a safer place to help our clients stay safe.

Our Company Values

Integrity, Trust & Respect

We trust and respect our business partners, customers, and our team.

We do the right thing at the right time and in the most reliable way.


We are committed to cybersecurity, client success, business partner relations, and our team.

Good Ethics

We believe in good work ethics, providing our services to clients, building a relationship with our partners, and within our team.

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