Search Engine Reputation Management and Personal Brand Protection

A social activist contacted HackControl to inform them that his old private Photos leaked onto the internet and his reputation had, as a result, been tarnished.

According to the client, his private information was causing significant harm to his new business. The biggest challenge was to find a quick way to remove compromising material from the internet.

Our company deleted information from the search engine results and likewise from social networks, where his photo had been placed by journalists who had collected compromising information on him.

Search engines and social networks must comply with DMCA regulations and greatly value their reputation, so there is software available that monitors privacy and copyright. The DMCA policies, which are followed by search engines, have effectively prevented the spread of unwanted information. Search engine reputation management (SERM) has allowed us to shift the remaining harmful content to the 3rd -5th pages of the search results.

It took only one week to remove the photos that had discredited the customer from the search engine results and social networks.



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