Configuration guide and self‑assessment form

Configuration Guide and Security Self-Assessment Form are tools that help you configure personal devices, applications, social networks, instant messengers for a fast transition to safe remote work.

The form includes instructions, a list of checks and fields to collect evidence, allowing qualified professionals to verify that the requirements of the Configuration Guide are fully met.

Everyone can use the form to check their personal devices and accounts for security settings. You can also order a Certificate of Compliance issued by our specialists. In this case, they analyze the results of the form and confirm that the requirements of the guide are met or give you recommendations for improvement.

The requirements for the development of configuration standards and maintenance of secure configuration procedures are outlined in several standards, e.g.:

■ PCI DSS Req. 2.2 – Develop configuration standards for all system components. Assure that these standards address all known security vulnerabilities and are consistent with industry-accepted system hardening standards.
■ TSA for SOC 2 Req. CC7.1 – Uses Defined Configuration Standards. Management has defined configuration standards.

* System configuration standards must be kept up to date to ensure that newly identified weaknesses are corrected prior to a system being installed on the network.

The tools will be useful to organizations with 10-50-100 employees not having a full-time security engineer to support the process of secure system configuration and become a guide for fixing vulnerabilities.

Configuration Guide is made according to recommendations of,, and,

The completed form will help to configure devices, operating systems, applications and social network accounts and fix known vulnerabilities.

You can own configure devices, social network accounts and instant messengers to follow the form’s instructions. To access the form, you should fill out brief contact information.

You can also contact us to check the results of the form and receive a Certificate of Compliance. Our experts analyze the results and confirm the requirements of the guide are met or provide you with recommendations for improvement.

Time-wise, checking the form is the following:

For organizations with a number of employees:

  1. up to 10 – 3 working days
  2. up to 20 – 5 working days
  3. up to 50 – 7 working days
  4. up to 100 – 10 working days

Yes, please do, but the users under your brand are prohibited.

The data from the form are stored on the corporate Google drive of Hack Control. We can use contact details from the form to communicate with your organization exclusively within the framework of this service. We do not provide information to third parties. Contact information may be deleted upon request.

Also, the results of filling out the self-assessment form can be used to issue a certificate of compliance.

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