Malware as a massive risk

What is physical strength when there is such IT power. People manage the business, and at the head of all the processes related to its security are people who are able to implement systems. We are sure that your employees have done a good job, and attackers will not be able to turn off the cameras around the perimeter of your territory and turn off the lights. They may not even be able to steal a piece of the database, or, at a minimum, bite off a bit of the client base. However, we cannot foresee everything.

We should note to the head of the IT department: to assess the degree of risk and possible damage due to cyber attacks, an understanding of the core of the company is necessary. The answer to the question “who are we” and “where are we going” will be decisive in determining how far our competitors can go.

Assessing the situation is the task of the strategic leader. Following the goal, the IT department forms a line of conduct to protect the enterprise. However, all employees must understand what malvare is and how to avoid it.

For example, they come to us by mail, easily sit down when clicking on links on the Internet, and in general, as if they are only trying to get into your PC. An easy task for a good antivirus program, but enterprise employees must understand that you cannot disable the antivirus program. With proper installation, it will not interfere with normal operation.


A very common case for computer networks. Appearing on your PC as if by themselves – coming from the “neighbors”. That is why large organizations make several networks, for the same reason, some computers are generally disconnected from the shared network. Restricting the use of storage media is a reliable way not to get infected.


Spyware, hooked on the computers of ordinary managers, often do not work for competitors. But to unscrupulous advertisers – yes. It is very unpleasant when extraneous links and pictures begin to appear on the screen. In the worst case, using such a program you can access your bank card and quickly reset it. Detecting and eliminating the average spy is, in principle, not difficult when it comes to mass exposure virus.


At the beginning of the development of the Internet, legends were made up of a phenomenon such as Trojans. The insidious symbiosis of the virus and spyware inflicts irreparable damage to personal data. The same weapon – only double action for quick defeat of the enemy.


Blackmail is always unpleasant – although we understand that you cannot make a deal, situations when you have to reconsider your decision arise again and again. In the case of a cyber attack in the Ransomware format, it’s completely useless to make a deal. It’s necessary to reconcile: you have already lost your personal data, and by transferring the required money to the attacker, you will surely receive an ignore and failure to fulfill your requirement.

To avoid unpleasant situations, follow simple rules:

  1. Keep your passwords in a safe place, create new and complex passwords, periodically updating them.
  2. Store valuable information on removable media – at least in a safe, or on the so-called cloud.
  3. Use a separate email to register on sites and social networks. The work mailbox must be clean and in no way connected with your logistics on the Internet.
  4. Do not install programs that you downloaded from the Internet.
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