Cyber Security Training Courses

In addition to providing cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, security audits, brand protection, smart contract audits and others, HackControl also conducts training courses for company employees and individuals.

Importance of cybersecurity training for businesses

Cybersecurity breaches cause billions of dollars in damage to companies every year. In fact, a single security breach at a company costs over 1 million dollars on average. These breaches are often the result of one mistake made by one employee. No matter how many employees a company has or how involved they are with the company’s operations and sensitive data, it is crucial for all employees to receive cybersecurity training.

While most IT professionals put the need for cybersecurity training as one of the top priorities for any business, research shows that very few employees actually receive this training. In fact, over 30% of employees don’t even know what malware or phishing is. These employees could easily be tricked by hackers, causing significant financial and reputational damage to your company. Don’t let this happen – get your employees properly trained with HackControl training courses.

Phishing and social engineering

Most often, hackers employ social engineering or phishing techniques to get ahold of sensitive information, including login details, personal information, passwords, etc. For instance, hackers might call, message or email employees while pretending to be someone else and trying to get sensitive information from an employee. Or an employee might receive an email that seems like it’s coming from one of the high-ranking individuals in a company, while in fact, it’s coming from a hacker who created a similar email address. These emails might ask to follow a link where an employee has to enter his or her company login and password or it could ask the employee to make a financial transfer, etc.

With proper cybersecurity training, your employees can learn to recognize, avoid and report potential cybersecurity threats to your IT staff, keeping your company’s private information, financial well-being and reputation well-protected.


Try to be a hacker, with OSINT Framework.

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  2. Phishing Simulation and Social Engineering
  3. Company Security Audit
  4. Secure SDLC
  5. Brand Protection and Antiphishing
  6. Smart Contract and Blockchain Audit
  7. Configuration Guide and Self-Assessment Form

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