Company Security Audit

A company security service is a set of tools and procedures which check that the architecture and implementation of the IT systems in your organization are resistant to malicious software, black hat hackers, DoS / DDoS attacks. They also ensure your employees are aware of how to avoid and deal with phishing attacks and social engineering techniques.

This service includes the following components:

  • 1 Network security assessment, including Wi-Fi network
  • 2 Web security assessment
  • 3 Load Testing
  • 4 Performance Testing
  • 5 DoS / DDoS testing
  • 6 Phishing simulation
  • 7 Social engineering testing

Key Objectives of Service:

  • To implement basic control measures for operations of information security in the organization.
  • Protect the organization against security breaches and data leaks.
  • Ensure the information and information processing tools are secure and protected from cybercriminals and black hat hackers according to the best practice experience.
  • Prevent exploitation of technical vulnerabilities and logic errors in IT systems.
  • Prevent exploitation of security vulnerabilities in IT systems.
  • Log events, provide evidence, report identified issues and present remediation recommendations.


Typical Stages of the Project:

  • 1 Malware Protection and IT Security Planning and integrating malware protection measures into the IT architecture of your organization. Creating a plan for implementation of preventive measures against breaches of IT security in your organization.
  • 2 Network Vulnerability Assessment Review IT and IT security documentation Conduct IT and security audit onsite Development of correcting and preventive measures to improve IT security in your organization
  • 3 Web Application Vulnerability Assessment Automatic and manual testing web applications against security vulnerabilities according to PTES, OWASP methodology
  • 4 DoS / DDoS load testing High load testing of your code and infrastructure for denial of service.
  • 5 Phishing Simulation & Social Engineering Simulation of the attacker: sending phishing e-mails, SMS, social media and instant messaging and using social engineering technique to employees to check their security awareness



A report with “as-is” overview, executive summary, identified vulnerabilities in IT systems and IT security and remediation recommendations.

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