Archives – one of the topical ways to find a person in the network and reality

Archives are also considered a type of open source information. Most often, this means information deleted by users, webmasters from the site. However, the architecture of control systems often supposes storing all incoming data in special folders.

What can be recovered from the archived database leak

Archive directories can be sorted based on the following considerations:

The facts of storing published materials often become the reason for the frustration of users who unexpectedly discover compromising evidence against themselves. Information leakage occurs among visitors to social networks (even when they have already deleted their account). Therefore, today there is a demand for software that allows you to delete your own accounts at the level of administrator rights so that the network no longer has even traces of their location at all.

Reports about leaked databases of logins and passwords also periodically appear in the press. This alerts users. The request of the portals to change the requisites serves as an indirect confirmation of such information. Meanwhile, if someone has not used the account for a long time, and the borrowed database has got into open sources, the attacker can use the details of someone else's mailbox.

This happens especially often with the social network Vkontakte. Even well-known Yahoo.com mailers, WhatsApp messengers, and other resources are not an exception.

But sometimes archives are understood as information stored on the site until fresh information appears or the limitation period expires. Moreover, a webmaster can extract any articles, videos or documents if it turns out that they are popular (for other similar reasons).

Also from the archives you can extract telephone directories, city maps, accounting reports. The search can be performed by FTP addresses, using other methods from open sources.

For more information on how programs collect and store data, as well as how to access it, see the appropriate section of the project.


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