Digital currency Bitcoin and services that allow you to operate with them

The digital currency Bitcoin appeared not so long time ago. The main obstacle for the active use of this digital currency by the Runet audience is the complete absence of Russifiers and reliable information about it.

The main advantages and pitfalls of the new cryptocurrency

Therefore, in that short period of time, while the English-speaking public was actively mastering the use of the digital currency of the Internet, in Russia only avid mathematicians and lovers of specific numismatics agreed to open Bitcoin wallets.

The situation has begun to change over the past two or three years. For those who want to exchange their money quickly and almost without loss, the digital currency bitcoin serves as an auxiliary tool.

The resources offered on the site act as intermediaries between users making exchanges. It is interesting that the currency, which is not supported by any state in the world, is not guaranteed by gold or reserves, has existed for 7 years. At the same time, people do not just use exchangers in order to more profitably convert the similar WebMoney, the following actions of network users are quite common:

We draw the attention of users to the fact that for the convenient use of Bitcoin (exchange for other types of currencies, purchase of goods, withdrawal, etc.), we propose to use the services presented on the site.

The classifier of world currencies with digital codes according to the ISO 4217 standard has refused so far to register this currency. However, this does not prevent its operating on the network, and in many cases anonymously.

Knowledge of foreign languages is very important. Ideally, to create anonymity, each new transaction can be made through a different wallet (user data can be completely confidential, fictitious names, surnames, dates of birth).

But if a person has chosen the open form of his own "mini-bank", then every network user who knows how to use search engines (means knowing what to look for) can see his savings.

In addition to anonymity, the user receives the following:

In addition, a new network culture is being born. After all, these exchanges of funds (including for the services provided) are carried out purely on trust, only sometimes using the intermediary services of the guarantors, also for minimal interest.

Bitcoins can be called a network instrument supporting Anonymity Tools. But at the user’s request even they (name, account of the owner) may appear in open sources of information due to imprudence or on purpose.


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