Convenient documenting provided by the development of new software

Modern business is making adjustments to the use of software. Working with tables, graphs, as well as the need to make reporting screenshots, to change the language layout. Although the computer keyboard provides hotkeys, most often they are proposed to be used in pairs, and sometimes in triplets. Here are some well-known combinations: ctrl + c; ctrl + v, ctrl + ins, shift + ins, ctrl + alt + del.

Types of documenting

When these keys do not have to be used often, you can leave everything as it is. But those who want to optimize their work on an electronic device are invited to download and install a number of programs that will replace two or three keys with one. And also, if necessary, it will help to transfer the value, for example, prtscr to a more convenient position.

The visited Internet pages may be documented, in order to save information as succinctly as possible, we recommend to consider the Hunchly utility. It monitors and analyzes the user's movements in the network. Keeps in memory exactly as much information as the person has viewed. Which is convenient if you want to extract data that will be available even if the Internet is disconnected. This significantly distinguishes this software from the usual history stored in the download log.

However, working on the Internet or on a computer is not limited to documenting text files. For example, for logistics companies or a distribution network, updated maps of the area become useful. ZeeMaps is a convenient service that allows you to use developments from open information sources or to add, to create your own. Refinements can be made not only graphically, but also documentarily, enriching the collection of photos to create a terrain diagram.

Similar developments are useful for those who have personal transport, who like to travel on highways, despite their broken condition. But for this, you will rather have to somehow contrive to get access to the resources of logisticians or distributors.


This resource is focused on collecting information using free programs, websites, mobile applications, etc. The main goal is to help people find resources that make it possible to get information for free.

Initially, the materials were collected focusing on information security. However, many resources from other directions were added later. Please email us if you think we have forgotten something.

The OSINT Framework project is taken as a basis.

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