Forums - useful and dangerous, communication within specific topics

The active communication on the Internet is supported by the existence and emergence of new thematic forums. The opportunity to receive absolutely free practical advice on a number of painful issues makes them attractive to whole groups of people.

However, it is worth remembering that all information uploaded on the forums becomes the property of other search engines or bots. They purposefully collect, analyze and store such seemingly completely useless information. According to the data left on some resources, you can find the place of stay of a person, his relatives. Even using a nickname instead of a real name, a person is easily detected by bots, and information from them can be transmitted to collectors, advertisers, and others.

Popular topics on the web

Meanwhile, the benefits of visiting some resources are obvious. For example, a fishermen forum helps to find a company for trips to rivers or lakes in a certain season. Moreover, the organizer will give out as much information as possible about the surrounding area, the necessary things with you.

A favorite place for expectant mothers is sites leading a calendar pregnancy, the forum will help you learn about common problems that arise every week of carrying a baby. Since this topic is relevant on the web, there are a number of portals that combine such resources into a single system. This opens up broad prospects for choosing the source of the correct information.

Veterinary sites are also topical on the network. They solve a lot of problems for rural residents who do not always have the opportunity to take their pet to a veterinarian. Placing photographs of animals with a focus on problem areas greatly facilitates the work of specialists, who often sincerely empathize with the animal's diseases along with its owners.

In addition, construction, legal, automotive forums help in choosing materials, free consultations. With rare exceptions, payment for services is required from the user. However, you can thank the person who provided assistance without requiring payment.

At one of the forums, car enthusiasts actively discussed the creation of a hotline with legal advice by phone. It turned out that there are lawyers who agree to help drivers who are faced with arbitrariness on the roads free of charge.

Also work: age, music, travel forums. The circle of problems to be solved is initially outlined here. The most interesting of them fall under information monitoring and are brought up for discussion in the press or on television.

Use the «Search Engines» to find the most suitable platform for creating your own topic or joining a discussion on already open queries. However, do not forget about the functioning of interested bots that track any information, not just super popular. By the way, their use also applies to open sources of information.


This resource is focused on collecting information using free programs, websites, mobile applications, etc. The main goal is to help people find resources that make it possible to get information for free.

Initially, the materials were collected focusing on information security. However, many resources from other directions were added later. Please email us if you think we have forgotten something.

The OSINT Framework project is taken as a basis.

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