Modified city maps provide maximum useful information

Nowadays satellites are not the only means of collecting real-time street information. Special cameras that take pictures in a range of 360 degrees provide information about what is happening on the city's roads.

Street maps: today and yesterday

Such ultra-modern novelties are still a curiosity, but many users already understand that such technologies are the future. Meanwhile, even quite familiar street navigation maps allow you to navigate the vastness of your native or foreign city. Knowing the address of the person of interest, you can consider the adjacent objects: parks, schools, other socially significant points.

Such information is provided by services: Google and Yandex maps. Their work is useful in many aspects, from them you can get:

Such information will be useful for: travelers, business travelers who want to buy real estate in an unfamiliar area. For the latter, archival data becomes especially topical. Since there is an opportunity to compare how the land looks today and a few years ago, from which it is possible to draw conclusions about the prospects for its development. Infrastructure development has always been a good sign for the nearby residents.

A city map is an important attribute for motorists, tourists, housewives who rely solely on their own in their search for: dry cleaning, gym or toy store.

Using maps and information obtained from various forums, you can easily find houses with the best rental price or an old man who sells homemade wine of good quality.

In order to better understand all the possibilities that open sources of information provide, you should go through special training, which can also be free of charge. The main thing is to move the gradually towards the intended goal.


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