Phone numbers - a source of information that sells us down to the river

Nowadays, each smartphone user has access to his own database of phone numbers, which can be sorted not only alphabetically. Special applications identify the caller and notify the owner of the device. Similar programs have been developed for stationary home or office devices.

Beautiful phone numbers are needed for those who actively use instant messengers, where an N-digit number must become a login. For some, the desire to pamper their own ego. Others, however, need an option with a memorable combination as a small piece of marketing. E-mail, ICQ and, of course, WhatsApp are tied to beautiful combinations of phone numbers.

Telephone dating – our parents’ fairy tale came true

For the first part of the audience, bonuses and promotions can be an attractive moment to register with their real name. The second group of users is interested in the receiving of the number, which is legal. After all, most of the clients, for sure, will try to "punch" the phone number through various databases: debts, alimony, spammers, scammers.

The question of the connection between smartphones and social networks seems to be topical. This is an unimpeded entry through a gadget, which nowadays opens up a full range of services identical to computer capabilities. But this immediately speaks of the vulnerability of a phablet or an iPhone to hackers of various levels. This is already like a map of the world, the following data leaks into open sources of information:

Some of this information can be obtained using an ordinary True Caller, which at the same time blocks unwanted calls, informs about the friends becoming available online.

It even seems a little sad that telephone dating becomes a fairy tale from the past of our parents, when an operator accidentally connected someone with the wrong subscriber.

A little bit of caution to maintain control over your own gadget won't hurt anyone. You should find ways to protect your own IP address, which is also easy to find out from open sources of information.


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