The need to register with public registries makes you more vulnerable

As a special source of information are public registers, which contain a lot of up-to-date data on those who are mentioned in the documentation.

Openness that is advantageous not only for government agencies

This is one of the main reasons why legal aid bureau and notaries are advised to take maximum steps to protect their own electronic devices.

The signed contracts for the purchase / sale of real estate, cars, other significant objects, settlements between private corporations - are registered on the Internet.

A tidbit for cyber fraudsters is the site: 101 public register of Ukraine, which contains data on individuals and legal entities. Even just familiarization with open information allows you to find out what real estate belongs to a particular person, his registration address, phones, relatives. This is one of the reasons why today everywhere in the world they strive to create a protected cyberspace, at least for the legal field.

After all, the public register of property is far from the only document presented by the network. If you try to identify where the collectors get information from, then in many cases it becomes obvious that it is drawn from open sources, which partially include banking structures. In addition, all tools, which, even without a hint of hacking, give out data about users only by login, animal name and other things, are also available to collectors. Electronic directories are more functional than regular phone books.

However, despite this, people continue to register on social networks, start unreliable mail, chat. Normal communication has taken over the virtual world, which unfortunately does not make it more secure. The business that came, brought a lot of money to the network, also advertising, trade mechanisms, management. Meanwhile, open sources of information remain on the surface and are available to everyone who shows at least some interest in them. Existing public registers are one of the ways to find a person and even his relatives according to the required records left by lawyers, doctors, and commercial structures.

The ability to search for people using their Pictures / Videos / Documents, which they kindly post on the pages in Odnkolassniki, Facebook, is also very topical.


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