Business registration, who benefits from it and who may suffer from it

Today, the business world deals with a very difficult dilemma when it is prestigious to be in the world catalogs, but it is not always economically profitable, besides that companies expose themselves to certain risks.

Audit: a forced action to bring the documentation in order

Registration of business transactions, as well as their monitoring are carried out in order to implement a number of following activities:

  • to avoid sponsoring terrorism;

  • to identify unreliable payers (with subsequent refusal to perform banking operations);

  • to provide government agencies with access to monitoring data about the requested client;

  • to involve the subjects of financial monitoring in the identification of individuals that try to come into contact with banking structures.

Private and public companies become vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters operating in reality and cyberspace. Since hacking can reveal data about the location of the organization, its statutory fund, owners, or at least figureheads.

Those who are trying to register business transactions excessing a certain amount become the subject of monitoring. Such checking is carried out officially and the representative of the individual who concludes the transaction is notified about it. This can be understood as: planned and unplanned audits searching for breaches in structure, risks, and, of course, vulnerabilities of computer programs used by the enterprise.

Sometimes the concept of "registration of business transactions" is associated with financial intelligence: to detect illegal balance, to identify money accounts, the likelihood of their devastation. Although it seems that the topic is too far-fetched, the recent leak of 100 thousand rubles from a Russian bank speaks of well-thought-out actions of hackers, still remaining unknown.

Therefore, companies are encouraged to carefully select partners for scheduled or emergency audits whenever possible. Since the data that potential hackers can receive while on site is much more important than just Username (login) ) from a mailbox or social network.


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