Encoding / Decoding will save users from routine work, provide additional protection

Professionals working on the development of various tasks on the Internet or on a computer use a kind of data converters for their work, better known as encoding and decoding.

In fact, this is a direct or reverse transformation of data from one form to another. The purpose of such operations is to create reliable protection of information. New data formats allow: it is more convenient to conveniently store, process, use, and also transfer created objects (files: text, media, etc.).

Storage tools: who and how uses them

The simplest example of encoding / decoding is the need to switch languages on the Internet. This is due to the fact that information in Russian was saved, for example, in UTF-8, while it is opened through Windows-1251. If you do not use the appropriate decoding, the reader will see gibberish.

In fact, these formats are not the only ones and do not concern only ordinary texts. For example, using Base64, you can encode (decrypt) links, passwords, and other details and store them in easy-to-extract folders to send them to recipients who know exactly what tool is needed to process the text in order to read it.

The site contains quite a lot portals where various encoders / decryptors are located that allow manipulating with programming algorithms.

You also have to deal with another type of PlainText coding, which is very convenient for mass mailings and is often used by such units:

Using this tool, anyone can uniqueize the text: create a series of email templates in which personal data can be easily modified.

Such messages can be activated (sent when certain events occur). Using PlainText, entrepreneurs carry out correspondence with opponents almost on an individual level, of course, if the body of the program is filled in competently (correctly). All open tags must be closed, otherwise the text will be displayed "as it is", which can scare customers away.

A special place is reserved for JavaScript. Nowadays it is the most popular language, at least in Runet. It is used to create own engines, to write programs. On one hand, there are tools that help you write JavaScript codes faster. On the other hand, this language is often used to hack email clients when users try to replace JavaScript codes. There is also a toolkit on the network for such purposes, and fraudsters may well use it.

Use the proposed tools to preserve personal data, confidential information, and facilitate the work with correspondence and publication of articles.


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