People search engines allow you to effectively find almost everyone

The desire to find someone can arise for completely different reasons: relatives, acquaintances, former colleagues or business partners. A regular search engine for people by surname / Ukraine is available to every user with access to the Internet. The more difficult task is when it is necessary to find information about a foreign business partner in order to have an idea of the possible common projects.

The site contains the most common world search engines that provide public data about specific individuals: football players, businessmen, artists.

Integration into a foreign business requires obtaining accurate data about the ratings of companies, their stability; there are services among search engines that provide such information for free. However, there is another type of search that gives information even about those who avoid publicity as much as possible.

Smart collection and synchronization as a basis of future-oriented performance

Many people know how the Vkontakte search engine works: people, forums, groups. Most of the social networks abroad work in a similar way. Among the resources presented, the most interesting ones allow you to find a person with a search engine who has access to many portals at once. Thus, it is enough to enter the first and last name to receive the registration data on Facebook. At the same time, you may see a list of logins or nicknames, under which the search object visits other portals. This works for almost all social networks abroad, including dating sites.

To many users it seems that a search engine for people by last name in Ukraine, where even mobile phones are not tied to passport data, is just a "scam". However, the synchronized operation of modern software that collects information at an automatic level makes it possible to find people even in such a complicated situation.

The functioning of bots is based on all data coming from one mobile number, for example, which is tied to instant messengers, e-mail boxes, even purchases on the Internet. That is why it is quite easy to find a person with a search engine, even if he uses new logins on each portal.

Many people today use encoding / decoding to create anonymity and maintain confidentiality. Even in these situations, there are options for making minimal data searches real.


This resource is focused on collecting information using free programs, websites, mobile applications, etc. The main goal is to help people find resources that make it possible to get information for free.

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