The benefits that social networks bring to our lives

Communication on the Internet does not happen just like an open-air booth: each site has a specific focus, which allows the public to gather on platforms and exchange information on narrowly focused topics.

Communication that everyone needs

So, today social networks are developing in Runet: yandex ru, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Odnoklassniki. However, some forums can also be classified as socially significant projects. By topic, they are subdivided into automotive, hacker, and music.

The proposed selection of programs performs a number of diverse functions:

Today, many online stores, news sites, chats, are open to access through social networks. Therefore, it is hard not to visit them. But in order not to lose the security of our own cyberspace, it is sometimes easier to use open sources of information, from which you can learn a lot of useful information.

Meanwhile, registration on social networks requires specifying such attributes:

Such strict requirements are explained by the need to create protection for the visitor's account. But on the other hand, it makes us more open to search engines that just grab onto all the listed data.

Social networks for programmers, where experienced and newbies share frames for writing utilities, finds on site vulnerabilities, and discuss bypassing of various blockings are particularly interesting. Although the portals on this topic are highly specialized, they are attractive even to housewives who care about the safety of home office equipment.

Use the section: Training, to get access to the most popular foreign and domestic advertising boards, as well as the most fashionable, demanded boutiques of the world Internet.


This resource is focused on collecting information using free programs, websites, mobile applications, etc. The main goal is to help people find resources that make it possible to get information for free.

Initially, the materials were collected focusing on information security. However, many resources from other directions were added later. Please email us if you think we have forgotten something.

The OSINT Framework project is taken as a basis.

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