Terrorism - 150 thousand cases, database for 45 years

The database of terrorist attacks presented on the site is a collection of statistical information accumulated in the period of 1970-2015. The catalog is filled in and specified every year.

What information did the portal collect

Everybody can get details about these events from the open sources of information, as well as get confirmation of all the facts stated.

In total, 150 thousand cases have been described that took place in the world continuum over the specified period. This includes clarification of such data:

What can you learn

Any other details confirmed. Although terrorist attacks are unexpected (even long-planned ones often do not follow the attacker's scenario), after studying the dossier of a huge number of cases, users will learn the following:

Among the listed attacks, there are also some with the purpose not to take hostages or explosions in crowded places, but also:

Colossal work carried out

Only for the period of 1998-2015, the portal staff studied 400 thousand articles on this topic, in order to summarize the data and provide the user with reliable information.

Unfortunately, the attacks continue till nowadays. Taking into account open sources mentioned during investigations or data collection, users can make a conclusion about their competence and choose the most trustworthy newspapers, Internet headings.

The world experience shows that location of an event does not always mean that local residents are affected. Tourists and guests of the host country become victims of terrorists. People have a right to know about such events, before deciding to go anywhere.

Recently, social networks have often become an object of interest for terrorists looking for new performers. It is very important for the younger generation to skillfully use open sources of information, to recognize the true goals of new Internet friends. The ability to obtain and put into practice the received information is an expensive tool in the hands of everyman. This is a guaranteed protection of your account not only from hacking, but also from attacks by spammers and other suspicious persons.


This resource is focused on collecting information using free programs, websites, mobile applications, etc. The main goal is to help people find resources that make it possible to get information for free.

Initially, the materials were collected focusing on information security. However, many resources from other directions were added later. Please email us if you think we have forgotten something.

The OSINT Framework project is taken as a basis.

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