Document processing tools: Translation / Recognition (OCR) / Text Analysis

Today, almost all information is digitized. In any case, there are certain progress in this direction, which allows us to talk about the global nature of this process.

Auxiliary mechanisms for text processing

Moreover, the need to submit a document in electronic form arises more often. This is required for people traveling abroad temporarily or for permanent residence, as well as for those who decided to improve their health in one of the world's clinics. Medical history, ownership or registration of a diploma confirming a person's education - must be transferred to the appropriate authorities in a readable form for scanning devices.

Similar requirements arise during interaction with banking structures, electronic payment systems. To solve this problem, a mechanism has been developed that performs optical character recognition OCR. That allows you to digitize documents in the required formats.

There is also a service on the Internet: online translation. It is often used by such groups of people:

For those who are learning to write competently and goodly, there are tools that analyze text online. They check not only the uniqueness of the text, but also its literacy, correctness, and readability. With the help of such programs, it is easy to get rid of spam words, tautologies, the tendency to repeat the same thoughts in other words.

However, such services are limited to free access. Checking the text after an N-th attempt becomes possible only after registration. As a result, articles end up in archives and, if the portal is successfully hacked, they become the property of cybercriminals.

In addition, the programs control the written content, if the texts seem to be commercial for scanning utilities, so the portals may charge a fee for their further testing.

When receiving and sending correspondence via the Internet, use the free Malicious File Analysis, which checks software with 50 anti-virus programs at once. This will save you from headaches associated with having to treat your computer.


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