6 best infosec and cybersecurity organizations

Every day hundreds of businesses are affected by security breaches caused by hacker attacks. At the same time, hacker attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, which is why security professionals are constantly looking for infosec groups and organizations where they can share information, meet like-minded people and improve their skills. Below, you will find the 6 best cybersecurity organizations and groups.

Association of Information Security Professionals (AISP)

Headquartered in Singapore, this organization brings together cybersecurity professionals from all over the world through organizing meetings, training, seminars and certification opportunities for both aspiring cybersecurity professionals and experts in the field. The organization frequently conducts events where leading industry experts share information about the latest insights and trends in penetration testing, social engineering, etc.


International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2

This organization is widely considered to be the gold standard of certification and training bodies in the cybersecurity field. With over 140,000 certified members, (ISC)2 provides a trove of professional development opportunities, educational tools, and networking events.

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

The Cloud Security Alliance has over 90,000 members in more than 80 chapters. The goal of this organization is to promote cloud security best practices by providing cloud security education, events, certification opportunities and products to its members.

Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)

The FIRST organization aims to promote effective cybersecurity incident response among its members from all over the world. This infosec group provides access to documentation on incident response best practices, organizes classes and conferences for its members and provides tools and networking opportunities for cybersecurity professionals that make up incident response teams.

Executive Women’s Forum (EWF)

The goal of the Executive Women’s Forum is to increase the number of women who work in the cybersecurity and risk management fields through creating educational, leadership and networking opportunities. EWF is the largest organization aimed towards women in the cybersecurity field and it runs numerous mentoring and leadership programs for women both in the beginning and advanced stages of their careers.

Information Security Research Organization (ISRA)

ISRA focuses its attention on conducting ground-breaking research in the field of cybersecurity and educating the infosec community on the latest trends, updates and insights in cybersecurity. The organization also organizes networking events that bring together professionals working in private companies, government agencies and academia. Members of ISRA also have access to a variety of open-source tools that can be used for incident response and investigation, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, etc.

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