Data loss prevention best practices and software

Data Loss Prevention, Data Leakage Protection or DLP, is a set of practices, rules and strategies that aim to detect and prevent potential loss of sensitive or private information owned or stored by a company or organization. DLP protects information while it is being stored, used or moved.

The basic process of DLP system operation has remained the same since these systems were first invented. Essentially, DLP systems are used to secure endpoint information located on laptops, computers and other devices, information that’s stored on servers and in databases, information that’s being transferred through the network to and from the internet and information that’s being stored in the cloud. A DLP system can analyze this information and use a pattern search to find and protect sensitive information, such as social security numbers, passwords, addresses, keywords or credit card numbers. If unauthorized actions are performed on sensitive information, the DLP system sends an alert to IT personnel.

Best data loss prevention software and vendors

Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint DLP service is suitable both for small businesses and large companies. This service offers an annual subscription plan, helping you avoid the lump-sum expense of purchasing a DLP software license. This tool also includes a user risk ranking feature, which helps determine the most critical instances that need to be addressed first.

Digital Guardian DLP

Digital Guardian is a great DLP service that will be particularly useful for large companies and organizations that need to protect their intellectual property. This DLP vendor also offers an exclusive service that’s fully managed by Digital Guardian to take all the data protection needs and issues out of the hands of your employees.

Symantec data leakage prevention software

This DLP tool is best suited for large companies and organizations but due to its complexity, it’s not a great choice for small businesses. Symantec offers a wide range of customizable features that are not available in other tools.

Frequently asked questions about data loss prevention

Why is data loss prevention important?

Data loss protection is a crucial part of cybersecurity best practices. Having adequate data leakage protection policies in place can help a company avoid substantial financial losses and reputational damage, as the average cost of a single data loss instance is over 3 million dollars.

What are data loss prevention tools?

Data Loss Prevention tools are software programs that analyze data that’s being stored, used or transmitted, detects sensitive data and protects it from unauthorized access, leaks, etc.

What is a DLP violation?

A DLP violation is a situation where sensitive data is accessed or transferred without proper authorization, which results in unauthorized individuals having access to this information.

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