Do my employees need cyber security awareness training?

Does your company employ people? If it does, your business might be in great danger when it comes to hacker attacks. Today, cybersecurity is not something only large companies need to keep in mind. Even very small businesses are now a target of hackers, so cybersecurity is not just an unnecessary expense, it is the key to survival in the business world. But even if you have expensive security software, firewalls and even cybersecurity experts who monitor your systems full-time, you still run a huge risk of being hacked due to the human factor – your employees.

Why do my employees need cyber security awareness training?

Did you know that more than 50% of businesses say that they have been hacked in the past year? This is a shocking statistic, but what makes it worse is the fact that more than 95% of these security breaches were due to human error by the company’s employees. Many small and large businesses spend millions of dollars on security, but less than 40% of international companies state that they ready to defeat a high-level cyber attack. The most common types of cyber attacks include phishing, where the perpetrator uses fake emails or phone numbers to pose as an employee of the company and gain access to other employees’ login credentials, and social engineering, where employees are convinced to hand over private information using psychological manipulation.

Which employees need cybersecurity awareness training?

While you may want to try and save time and money by having only high-level employees go through information security awareness training, this could result in huge financial losses for the company. To achieve the best results, all employees should go through cybersecurity training. Even if an employee’s job has nothing to do with technology and they don’t have access to a company computer or phone, they can still have valuable information on their personal devices that hackers can gain access to and then use this information to target other employees. All your workers need to be aware of potential security threats, common scams and ways to handle phishing and other attempts to breach security.

How to conduct cybersecurity awareness training for my staff?

The best way to provide cybersecurity training for your staff is to hire professionals to do it, as this is the only way you can be sure that your employees get complete, up-to-date information and practical training to best equip them against scammers and hackers. At Hackcontrol we provide in-depth cybersecurity training, help you identify potential risks and holes in your security and conduct simulated phishing attacks to test your employees in real life.

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