Financial Crimes in Darkweb

Digital space is becoming more and more popular. Today, this is a large place with different business spheres. Of course, all that amount money became a great temptation for financial criminals. With every year, the number of committed financial crimes becomes bigger and bigger. Also, one of the best places for these people to commit crimes is Darkweb. This is a part of internet that you can’t enter with a simple browsers. Of course, financial crimes isn’t something new, but darkweb brings crime to the new level.

In order to understand the whole structure the essence of financial crimes, you need to highlight 5 most popular types of fraud:

  • Carding: Carding can be quite familiar to you, because it exists in a physical world too. Simply said, this is a theft of a credit card info. Within internet, the only thing a thief needs is credit card numbers. After that, he will be able to spend all your money on the card.
  • Phishing: one of the most popular types of web crime. Many users have heard this name, but don’t know how phishing works. Essentially, phishing is getting private info with the help of fake emails, websites etc. For example, someone can create website Youtü, and careless user could try to sign in by giving private info, which can be further used by thief.
  • Malware: Malware can be a big threat to any phone, tablet or pc. This is a software which is created to damage devices and networks and get the data from the breaches in security. Malware is extremely dangerous for companies and brands. Stolen data can cause giant financial losses and simply the decrease of clients’ level of trust.
  • Identity theft: This is one of the most troublesome crimes on internet. Simply said, this is a theft of personal information straight to the address, person identifications etc.
  • Money laundering is a huge problem. With darkweb, it is very easy to transfer money from one anonymous account to another.

There is one thing that these types have in common – the structure of the fraud. There are three stages:

  • Pre-attack: Basically, this is a planning stage. All the instruments are ready, targets are found, the attack is ready for an active phase.
  • Active attack: This is the process. Active attack is the moment of interaction between virus and innocent user.
  • Post-attack: After the active attack goes debriefing and trophy collection. Thieves use the stolen info, improve the methods of attack and are getting ready for the next attack.

Financial crimes wouldn’t be so dangerous if the robbers would just steal a credit card to buy something for himself. The problem is that usually these crimes create a huge impact on the internet market. For example, some company decided to hire financial criminals to get any data from their competitors. This isn’t the natural attitude of the market and it can’t be predicted. Because of that, lots of people can lose their jobs after an unexpected shutdown of their enterprise.

To prevent that, people should spread the awareness about this situation. Even the basic line of defence can prevent lots of thefts.

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