How to protect your social media account?

People used to think about social media threats as of something annoying at most: angry trolls, cyber bullying or fake pages.

However, social medias can be an object of a cyber crime, especially if you run a business. And if you keep important data on your account, you can receive a colossal damage to your brand. Or a thief can simply use your account for his sake. It is very important to secure your account, and we are here to give you some advices which will prevent most of the threats to your account.

Strong password

A combination of prime numbers (for example, date of birth, phone number) or a combination of letters (your name, name of your husband, daughter, mother) scammers will easily calculate. Use different case letters, numbers, preferably even punctuation marks.

You can use the password generator. The password will be strong enough, but remembering it is not realistic, save writing it in a notebook. Also, change your password every month. And don’t use same password for several accounts.

Security question or SMS confirmation

After registration, the server usually issues a security question that will help restore the combination that you invented if you suddenly forget it.

Here you need to come up with a question, the answer to which is known only to you. And many choose their mother’s maiden name, the name of a loved one, the name of a domestic parrot, etc. All this information has long been known to all friends and foes. Try to pick up more difficult questions.

Access to the network only from your own device

On other people’s computers there may be such “ambushes”, such as, for example, programs that record personal information.

Internet cafe is one of the favorite places of dishonest people. It is here that “catching” the desired password using special programs is very simple.

It often happens that when you log into your social network account on someone else’s computer, the user then forgets to leave it: they’ve been distracted by something, called, etc. In this case, you don’t even need to pick up and crack anything, because the page on the social network remains open and accessible to outsiders.

Do not open suspicious messages in social networks

The truth is known that the best antivirus and protector of your device is none other than the user himself. The security of all information on a computer depends not only on the antivirus, but even more on the user’s actions. Before the actions of the user, even the most powerful and advanced antivirus is powerless.Never open unknown letters, and if you have opened, then DO NOT follow the links in these letters.

When you open such messages, a malicious program that records passwords may be launched.

If a hacker got down to business, then the business can reach the point where hundreds of passwords are in his hands. A simple user can’t calculate such a person, they will be personally involved in the administration of the social network.

Even your small effort can minimize the threats and prevent most of the cyber attacks. Keep yourself educated and educate others.

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