How to use SIEM solutions to protect your company?

Organizations, businesses, governments and individuals are using the internet today more than ever before. With each new year, there are more applications, devices, systems and equipment that are being used everywhere in the world. As the number of devices grows, so does the number of security events that are being logged, which can make it very difficult to recognize attacks and other damaging processes. This is why many companies are now using SIEM, or Security Information and Event Management solutions as part of their cybersecurity strategy.

What are SIEM solutions?

A SIEM program collects, analyses and stores information about security events. The purpose of SIEM solutions is to provide compliance to organizations, detect outside threats, simplify incident reporting and management, etc. When an organization uses a SIEM, it allows its IT department to identify threats and mitigate attacks before or while they are happening, lowering cybersecurity risks overall.

How does a SIEM operate?

The principle of operation for a SIEM is very simple: first, it obtains information about security events from various devices, systems and networks, then it normalizes and compiles the data. Next, this data is analyzed systematically to identify security threats. Finally, security breaches are pinpointed by the system and the IT staff has the opportunity to investigate them.

Advantages of using SIEM solutions

First of all, a SIEM provides an organized, centralized look into security incidents and events, which makes it much easier for the IT staff to notice irregularities and identify attacks. Secondly, many modern SIEM solutions have a dashboard where the IT staff can receive notifications about certain predefined security events. Some SIEM solutions even use artificial intelligence to identify threats and alert the staff about them. Finally, organizations and companies in some sectors of business, such as finance, medicine, etc. are required to utilize a SIEM solution as part of their cybersecurity strategy. Therefore, using a SIEM solution ensures compliance.

Top SIEM solutions

Splunk Enterprise free SIEM solution

If your business or organization is small and doesn’t have the budget to purchase a paid SIEM solution (the price of which can range from 2,000 to 5,000 dollars per year), you can use one of the free SIEM tools available on the market. For example, Splunk Enterprise Free is a great option for smaller companies, the tool itself lacks some of the features of the paid version, but it does the job just fine if you can’t afford to pay for the tool.

IBM QRadar Advisor

If your organization uses the IBM QRadar Intelligence platform for its cybersecurity needs, then the IBM QRadar Advisor is a great SIEM solution choice for you since it integrates seamlessly with the platform.


This is an incredible SIEM solution for organizations that want to get more features than free SIEM tools offer at a reasonable price. Additionally, this software is completely open-source.

Frequently asked questions about SIEM solutions

What is the best SIEM solution?

The best SIEM solution for your organization depends on your needs and budget. If you don’t have the money to pay several thousand dollars for SIEM every year, you should use Splunk Enterprise Free. As for paid software, you should consider your company’s needs and technical features before making a choice.

Who uses SIEM?

SIEM tools are used by small and large businesses to enhance their cybersecurity protection strategies.

Is using SIEM necessary?

SIEM tools are a great addition to intrusion prevention and detection systems and they are absolutely crucial to analyzing and identifying cybersecurity threats to your company.

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