The future of IT and its impact on your business

The IT is going fast-forward and doesn’t think to stop. The tempo of the changes in business sphere is really impressive. However, it is possible to predict the near future and see the potential tendencies in the business.

First of all, what does it mean for the small business. Earlier, it was much harder for small businessmen to be in touch with internet technologies. But with every year, they are gaining more and more freedom in following the trends. So, every small business, that wants to progress and reach success has to know the tendencies of today’s IT world.

Visual and Voice Interaction

By 2021, the most modern companies will begin to implement services of visual and voice interaction to search the goods on the websites. Companies will learn to understand the desires and needs of consumers better, also their interests and intentions. According to Gartner analysts, as a result of innovations, the revenue of e-commerce sites will grow by 30%, and with it the coefficient of attracting new customers, customer satisfaction and market share will increase. By 2021, the demand for voice assistants alone will create a $ 3.5 billion market.


By the end of 2020, the cryptocurrencies will jump into the mundane life and will be an official currency. In the past year, the total global turnover of cryptocurrencies has reached $ 155 billion. This amount of money is an exclamation point for the banking industry and other business industry. As soon as banks begin to use new financial technologies, the market will grow even more. Gartner advises all enterprises, not just banks, to consider that crypto money will soon reach the same level with fiat money. Analysts recommend now starting to reform payment systems, changing the approach to collecting taxes and setting prices for goods and services.

IT Specialists in Business Sphere

By 2021, 40% of IT staff will simultaneously have several skills and perform several professional tasks. At the same time, most of the activity will be associated not with technology, but with business. Demand for IT technical specialists will fall by 5% in two years, and the need for “multi-tasking”, on the contrary, will increase significantly.

Still no AI apocalypse

There is no need to fear the AI invasion – by 2020, artificial intelligence will create 2.3 million jobs and destroy only 1.8 million. However, changes in the labor market will be uneven: in one industry, all tasks can be automated, while in another there will be a shortage of workers places will be short-lived. At the same time, in the field of education and health care, job cuts will never happen, analysts are sure.

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