Tips on How To Train Your People Cyber Security

It is generally believed that the most complicated and multi-layered cyber attacks are the real threat to your brand. However, Most of information security problems  for many these brands cause their own people. Actually. the most common causes of data breaches are the employees or simple technological error. This can be a simple sending of document to the wrong email, document theft etc.

In a constantly changing digital world, where cyber attacks are becoming more and more complex and mundane thing, it is very important to keep up with the methods to defend yourself and your company from cyber criminals. Of course, this may be a hard thing to do, but this is a necessary thing to do.

This article will give you some advices and tell you how to prevent those problems and train your employees right. It is always easier to be sure of yourself, but not that easy to rely on other people.

Train your people and update information security policies

One of the biggest problems in enterprises are people who don’t take information policy and other procedures seriously.

The main problem here is that most of people aren’t really bothered to learn these policies and procedures, they just don’t see it practical enough. Usually, people don’t explain to workers the practical and real life importance of these procedures. Instead, they are telling about this important factor among other mundane aspects of work like holidays, shifts etc. Just try to explain your employees the importance of the politics and procedures by taking this explanation as a separate topic.

Tell employees how to manage their passwords

Interesting fact:There are approximately a third (31%) of “bosses” make their employees change their passwords every month. Another statistics, by OpenVPN, showed that near quarter of all employees said they use the same password and don’t change it on a regular condition.

Obviously, password management is a serious problem and a challenge for enterprises when we talk about information security. Since employees don’t bother to create complex password and change them on regular condition, it is very important to solve this problem or at least minimize the risk.

Companies need to be more positive and interactive about password management. For exaple, they don’t need only to make employees use tools to manage the password complexity, but also reward workers for following the rules and understanding of the situation, so they they will try to solve this problem more thoroughly

Train employees to recognize phishing

Phishing is developing and improving every year, so are the cyber criminals, who are getting more sophisticated and professional in this case. As an example, in the United Kingdom more than 2,500 complaints about fake emails and spam, while in the United States a whole university was damaged because of two students,  who fell victim to a phishing attack.

Cyber ​​criminals admitted that other types of more complicated attacks are not as efficient because of the whole complexity. Instead of attacking the software, attackers switch to private individuals who are most likely are not aware of preventing such troubles.

The most important task is to make them educated, to check every email every file, that comes in their hands and recognize the phishing attacks.

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