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We help businesses control the resilience of their IT resources against malicious actor attacks.

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About HackControl cybersecurity services

HackControl cyber security services provider was created by the union of security engineers from ProtectMaster company (UA), professional hackers services from HackIT (UA) cybersecurity conference and part of cybersecurity researchers of blockchain startup Hacken (EE). Information security management from our experts can help you to prevent external threats like compromising data and protects sensitive, confidential business information from unauthorized access.We can help you to identify your security risks that exist within your information technology system.

Hack control cybersecurity consulting company is developing cybersecurity products and integrating them on client side. We got our own cybersecurity investigators and incident response team ready to minimizing threats, secure your assets as quickly as possible, and found reasons and persons who did it. HackControl cybersecurity firm have R&D offices in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Our main focus is delivering cybersecurity services like penetration testing, security audit, blockchain audit, brand protection, and antiphishing to our clients.

certified cyber security professionals

We got more than 10 high skilled cyber security engineer on board and hundreds of researchers in our HackIT community. Our security engineers certified with : eWPT, eCPPT, HIPAA, CCNA, Zero Security: A, Zero Security: B, OSCP , CEH v9, ISO27001 LA. They got deep experience in web app pentest, iOS app security assessments, android app security assessments, security testing of ICO etc.We are following world known best information security practices and methodologies like OWASP TOP 10, OCTAVE, STRIDE , P.A.S.T.A. to anticipate threats and implement cost-effective strategies to defend your enterprise business.


Our Company Values:



as Trust & Respect, we trust and respect ourselves, business partners, and customers

We do the right thing in the right time and in the most reliable way.


We are committed to what we do, to clients, business partners and our team.

Ethicality (Ethical Approach)

We believe in ethical approach at work protecting our customers from malicious hackers.

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